Monday, September 12, 2016

Creature Creations by Allen Vandever Chicago Artist

Several years ago my neighbor was moving and he decided to give me much of his art and supplies. One day I came home and there were four huge garbage bags sitting on my door step. Within these bags were disturbing dolls made to look like dead babies. They were used in a large anti-war installation and photo project. At first I was repulsed by these toys, and then in a moment of inspiration, a light bulb went off. Lets give these dolls a new life! Yes! it was a eureka moment. These toys have been damaged and scared for life, yet, they can still carry a purpose. So I took parts from other toys and gave them new lives and new bodies. I tried to bring fun back into them. I tried to bring the life back into them. This project echoes my childhood self. My neighbors scared me for life, stole a piece of me and discarded it. This is the sentiment i am instilling in these toys. Even if something is damaged, broken, beaten, battered, torn, it can always be turned into something more beautiful, vibrant, and lively than it ever was. 

I hope you enjoy these videos I have it set up so they will play one after the other so sit back and enjoy.

Please click on picture to watch videos
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