Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thank You. This Is Where We Are.

The inspiration we have gained from everyone that has reached out to us, in any capacity, is remarkable. It is propelling us forward and catalyzing us to make this project reach its potential. We are currently sourcing funds through grants sponsorships and personal donation. We are also looking for community organizations to partner with in the event anyone of you need help, you have resources at your disposal. We have been making great strides in this, however, if any of you have any resources that will help us, please make sure to contact us.
Also, if any of you have been impacted by sexual abuse or this project in general, please...please...please! get in touch with us. In the upcoming months, we will begin the testimonial portion of this project. And we want to hear your voice. Whether it be interviews on camera, anonymous stories or letters, or any form of artwork, or, anything else you can think of. We want you to get involved. We want to hear your voice! If you have any ideas for us, please feel free to send them.

Peace, Love, and...Godspeed!

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