Sunday, May 28, 2017

Art & Speaking Event - April 28, 2017 Childhood Fractured a Live Narrative part 2 Fracturing of a Child

Writing Excerpt & Event Recap
Derek Hopkins
Event Recap:
We were truly humbled to have another speaking & art event at the Awakening Foundation in Ravenswood. The event was well attended and we are so thankful to all those who showed up to support our cause and to view what we had in store with our initiative. As mentioned previously, writer Derek Hopkins (Co-Founder of Childhood Fractured) is authoring a full length book to document the creative process & stories told by Chicago artist Allen Vandever (Founder of Childhood Fractured).
Derek’s Writing Excerpt following Allen’s Painting: 
“Oh, the things these brown eyes have seen. Yes! They have seen sidewinding murals of life, or, all things beneath the human veneer. And again, we happened upon the familiar. Again, we ventured into the deep-waters of childhood sexual abuse. Allen was in front of the canvas, brave. Cheryl was taking up her cinematic angles. And I was ruminating in a chair. Allen was frantic. It was not difficult to discern from whatever veneer. He was taking heavy breaths behind a heavy mind. A heavy day this would be. He gripped the canvas with a heavy white primer. Anticipation was the blood coursing my veins. I took a choice glance at the audience. And of them I found beautiful shapes, yet, their paralleling countenance was not of beauty. They read of questions without answers. Their eyes were empathetic pools of veneration. Confusion and concern. Doubted by abstraction, or, perhaps, it is my own fear reflected in these English words”

Artist Allen Vandever Tells  His Story Trew words and paint


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