Tuesday, November 7, 2017

We Need Your Help

We need your help getting child sexual abuse prevention mainstream! As we continue gaining momentum and raising awareness through our art, we need your help. Your altruistic gesture of purchasing our book will tangibly function in a variety of ways. You will possess a thought-provoking work to be shared with friends and family. You will have made a monetary contribution to Childhood Fractured and our mission of raising awareness and preventing child sexual abuse through contemporary art. You will inspire us to continue doing this work. You will be a part of one of the most necessary grassroots movements of the 21st century. You will continue to become part of the solution. We need your help. 
Child sexual abuse is the most under-reported, underrepresented, and under talked about epidemic that one could reason. Let’s look at the numbers. On the lowest end of the spectrum, we have 1 in 10 children face sexual abuse before the age of 18. On the highest end – 63%. This topic needs to go mainstream. We need to garner and foster civic involvement in every level of our society and in every corner of the world. If we don’t then who will?